About SALOR Hositality


SALOR Hospitality is a professional and universal Point of Sale software for gastronomy businesses: hotels, restaurants, inns, bars and shops.

SALOR Hospitality is built on well tested and actively developed open technologies that provide you with freedom of use and choice, and makes sure that those choices don’t empty your wallet.

You don’t have to buy any special hardware for your restaurant. In fact, you don’t have to buy any hardware at all. Because with our popular and dedicated Subscription Option, you can use SALOR Hospitality online simply by connect to it via a browser.

Many users started with the Subscription Option and changed later to their own local installation which doesn’t require a connection to the internet at all. Read here what users write about SALOR Hospitality.

SALOR Hospitality works with any recent network capable device like smartphones or tablets, which are already available in every household. Gone are the days when restaurant owners had to pay a lot for special, non-universal hardware. This way, SALOR Hospitality revolutionizes the day-to-day operation of the Hospitality Industry, bringing businesses large and small into the 21st century. We believe the time has come to combine the newest technology with customer service, taking both to a new level.

Advanced Management

With SALOR Hospitality you have at your fingertips much more than just a regular software that can take orders. Depending on your needs, you can build your own management system for your hospitality business which you can access conveniently from any and all computers or mobile device which are connected to your internal wired or wireless network.

Because you can extend the installation to your heart’s content, SALOR Hospitality accelerates the communication between staff in your business, and you will be able to serve your customers much quicker.

SALOR Hospitality prints tickets in your kitchen, bar, or other locations, and makes printing of professional business invoices and accounting reports very easy. This simplifies your accounting work to an extreme degree and you can dedicate more time for more important things: the personal contact with your customers.

You also can generate statistics to see during which business hours your store is most profitable and plan the work hours of your staff according to it. Also, simply generate working time reports for your employees.

SALOR Hospitality has many more useful features. See the Documentation page for more information.

Free by default

At its core, SALOR Hospitality is a non-profit Open Source software project, created by idealistic programming professionals in close collaboration with businesses and staff.


In 2009, this Point of Sale (POS) software came into being under the name “Bill Gastro”, but after the addition of features for hotels and many new improvements in 2012, it was renamed to “SALOR Hospitality” to reflect its closeness to the hospitality industry as a whole. Both names refer to the same software and can be used interchangeably.

From launch of concept to full operation, SALOR Hospitality was developed with real-time input from waiters, kitchen personnel and hotel administrators in successful business environments.

Programmers may want to inspect our Open Source page. If you have sufficient IT-expertise, you can even install SALOR Hospitality yourself.

But our sales partners, to relieve you from the work load of installing and configuring the system, offer online subscriptions via the internet, pre-installed and fully configured locally installed systems, as well as support packages.

Extraordinarily good mobile support

Due to its universal web technology (HTML5, CSS and Javascript), SALOR Hospitality is not an “App” in the classical sense, although it may look like it.

SALOR Hospitality is not an App

What is the difference between an “App” and SALOR Hospitality? An “App” is a piece of software that has to be made specifically for one type of hardware vendor (e.g. only one smartphone brand). Usually, “Apps” are offered for free or for a fee on an “App Store”. That means that an “App” must be converted to other hardware brands if someone wants to use it there too. Also, one “App” cannot be run easily on a regular computer AND on other mobile devices at the same time.

In contrast, SALOR Hospitality is nothing more than a regular (although quite complex) interactive website that you can load into a regular browser. This has the important advantage that it does not matter which brand of your smartphone, tablet, computer or operating system you are using, as long as it has a regular browser installed. This means that you can use almost any mobile device existing on the current market instead of spendig lots of money for specialized waiter mobile devices.

The following picture shows SALOR Hospitality running on 3 different smartphones. Nothing has to be “installed”. All you have to do is to use the browser of the phone to “browse” to an internal link:

Here, it is important to note that the SALOR Hospitality installation can either be installed in the Internet (see our Subscription Option), or, in case you don’t trust the Internet, on a small computer installed locally in your shop (see page about local installations).


Actively developed and maintained
SALOR Hospitality has been developed and maintained in close international collaboration with business and staff. Since that time, valuable feedback from users has been integrated in more than 360 software updates.
Modern design
Appealing design with clean lines and color schemes for table, room and staff differentiation, product categories, etc. SALOR Hospitality looks great on any screen, small or large.
Productive work relationships are the cornerstone of any successful business. SALOR Hospitality allows you to better coordinate work schedules and responsibilities between staff.
SALOR Hospitality helps you deliver prompt and friendly service to your customers. It is clear, easy and safe to use, optimizing work flow from the back office to the kitchen to the restaurant floor.
As your business grows, SALOR Hospitality will grow with you. Its unique system design facilitates seamless enhancements to existing functionality. The number of mobile terminals has no limit.
Adapt SALOR Hospitality to your business by reorganizing the table plan, introducing new menus, adding new products and services.
Remote access gives you the freedom to run your business anytime from anywhere.
Virtual Restaurant or Hotel
SALOR Hospitality can extend your restaurant or hotel to your customers’ homes. They just take orders online or reserve tables, notifying staff who can prepare in advance.
The software is multi functional, allowing you to monitor, export and print customized accounts, statistics and tax reports, update your wholesalers’ price lists, easily split receipts, generate professional invoices, and much more.
The user interface (UI) of SALOR Hospitality has been translated into 8 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Polish, Chinese.
“SALOR Hospitality” will run in the browser of any computer and mobile device like Smartphones, so you needn’t buy any special devices. However, it is not an “App”, which has the advantage that there is no restriction to any hardware brands. However, our company Red (E) Tools Ltd. can suggest and source hardware optimized for SALOR Hospitality – touch-screens, thermal printers, handhelds or tablets.
Many hospitality enterprises – usually high-stress and high-pressure environments – already enjoy the use of SALOR Hospitality. They have contributed invaluable feedback to forge SALOR Hospitality into the reliable product it is today.