Lokale Variante de Local System en

Locally installed system

Before you buy a local installation of SALOR Hospitality, consisting of your own hardware and copy of the software, you may want to see first if the online subscription is suitable for you. And if you have enough IT-expertise, you could even install the open source code all by yourself.

The following picture shows one example of how the local installation may look like, although you can configure the number and type of accessories (printers, mobile devices, touchscreen monitor, etc.) yourself:

An example of a locally installed Bill Gastro system

The local installation has a few advantages over the online subscription:

The disadvantages of the local installation are:

If you are still hesitating and need more information, read what users wrote about SALOR Hospitality, or personally get into touch with us!

Locally installed systems are offered by SALOR Hospitality sales partners.