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SALOR Hospitality is Open Source!

Red (E) Tools Ltd. is pleased to make its main products available to you, for free. We believe in Open Source in the fullest sense of the word, which is the reason why we have added the very permissive MIT License to our products, allowing you to use them for free – yes, free as in “free beer”.

The amount of work put into it
The amount of work put into it

We invite developers to download SALOR Hospitality, enhance it and publish the enhancements in return. This guarantees that the software will grow and continue to be there for hospitality businesses large and small.

SALOR Hospitality is hosted github:

If you are a developer and want to file feature requests or bug reports, please use the Github issue tracker.

Red (E) Tools Ltd. provides an apt package archive for an easy installation of SALOR Hospitality on Linux Operating Sytems (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.). You will find installation instructions on our documentation site (currently work in progress):

If you need assistance during the installation, please ask your questions on the Google Groups mailing list


If you want to produce your own Debian packages from the SALOR Hospitality codebase and host them on your own Apt package repository, you will find instructions here:

Keep the Open Source Project alive!

Since 2009, the founders of Red (E) Tools Ltd. have literally spent thousands of hours in front of the computer and with clients to forge SALOR Hospitality into a production-ready, world-class software product.

However, nothing is really for free, so we ask you give something back if you feel that our products have benefited you. We cannot accept donations, but we will be happy to do personalized consulting work for you or extend the software according to your needs.

If you can’t contract us, please recommend SALOR Hospitality to your friends and business contacts.

You can help us in the following way:

Wait a minute …

You are wondering how we can sell something that is free right? Well, you see working with source code, compiling applications, using git to checkout a repository, these things aren’t easy to do. SALOR Hospitality is a truly huge application with many support programs that must be configured correctly in order for them to work. While deploying SALOR isn’t exactly rocket science, it takes a few hours of compiling, downloading, and tweaking. If you lack the time or knowledge to deploy SALOR for your business, you can pay us to provide for you a fully configured plug-and-play device, complete with your items database preloaded. That is how it should be, because it is our goal to make your life in business easier and save you some time.