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SALOR Hospitality is Open Source!

The authors of SALOR Hospitality have decided to make the source code available to the world for free. We believe in Open Source in the fullest sense of the word, which is the reason why we have added the very permissive MIT License to our product, allowing you to use it for free – yes, free as in “free beer”.

The amount of work put into it

We invite developers to download SALOR Hospitality, enhance it and publish the enhancements in return. This guarantees that the software will grow and continue to be there for hospitality businesses large and small.

The platform-independent SALOR Hospitality source code is hosted at github:

You also can ask questions in the support forum of sales partner Red (E) Tools Ltd.

Keep the Open Source Project alive!

Since 2009, the authors have literally spent thousands of hours in front of the computer and with clients to forge SALOR Hospitality into a production-ready, world-class software product. Read here what users write about SALOR Hospitality.

However, nothing is really for free, so we ask you give something back if you feel that our products have benefited you. Consider buying a support package from our sales partners, or suggest SALOR Hospitality to your friends and business contancts.