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Online Subscription for SALOR Hospitality

As explained in detail on the ABOUT page of this website, SALOR Hospitality is not an “App” in the classical sense, although it might look like it.

Since nowadays practically all computers (large and small) do have an Internet browser, you will be able to use SALOR Hospitality without a need for an “App Store” or other third-party services.

This unique feature allows SALOR Hospitality to run either locally on a computer in your restaurant, or (since it is nothing more than a complex website), on a remote server. The following illustration explains how this works in detail:

SaaS Schema
SaaS Schema

This allows Red (E) Tools Ltd. (the original author of SALOR Hospitality) to offer you an online subscription service for SALOR Hospitality so that you can sign up and start using it in your own business within minutes.

If you have already tried the online Demo and don’t want to spend too much money for a locally installed system with your own hardware you can simply subscribe to SALOR Hospitality for a monthly fee.

To help you decide if the online subscription is useful for you, please read the following section about advantages and disadvantages about this service.

If you have already decided, please visit our Subscription Shop at

and sign up for an account.

If you don’t want to use the online shop or need more information, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We will help you personally.

Advantages of the online subscription

Disadvantages of the online subscription

Requirements for your Internet Connection

Naturally, you only can connect to and ‘load’ the Online Subscription of SALOR Hospitality into your browser when you have an active Internet connection.

Bandwidth: Once SALOR Hospitality is fully loaded, it requires very little bandwidth to operate. That is the reason why it is even suitable for cellphone based Internet connections (very low bandwidth). Every time you submit an order, only a few bytes/letters are sent to update the subscription server. When you take orders, there is no connection to the server at all: Everything happens inside of your browser, which is the reason for great speed and responsiveness of the User Interface (UI).

Uptime: If your connection to the Internet is unreliable, but if SALOR Hospitality is already fully loaded in your browser, it can tolerate certain outages of the internet connection. If the connection to the subscription server is down, expect the following behavior:

If this behavior during an Internet outage is too restrictive for you, consider buying a locally installed system.