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Online Subscription for SALOR Hospitality

SALOR Hospitality is not an “App” in the usual sense. Since nowadays practically all computers (large and small) do have an Internet browser, you will be able to use SALOR Hospitality without a need for an “App Store” or other third-party services.

This unique feature allows SALOR Hospitality to run either locally on a computer in your restaurant, or on a remote server in the ‘cloud’. The following illustration explains how this works in detail:

SaaS Schema

If you have already tried the online Demo and don’t want to spend too much money on a locally installed system with your own hardware you can simply subscribe to SALOR Hospitality for a monthly fee:

If you are still hesitating and need more information, read what users wrote about SALOR Hospitality, or personally get into touch with us!

Advantages of the online subscription

Disadvantages of the online subscription

The speed or bandwidth of your internet connection is not important because SALOR Hospitality is optimized even for slow wireless connections. Exchanged data is very little. However, it is important that your internet connection interruption free. In recent years, this is the case for a vast majority of all internet connections. A simple telephone DSL connection is more than enough.