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Hotel & Gast Wien 2013

Test SALOR Hospitality now!

Before you obtain SALOR HOSPITALITY either as online subscription or as locally installed system, you may want to try and test all the features with your computer or mobile device.

We have set up a free demo for you that you can use immediately. Simply browse to

and log in with one of the following passwords, depending on the User Interface language you want to see (please also review the “Important Notes” section below):

Language Password
English 000
German 010
French 020
Spanish 030
Polish 040
Russian 060
Italian 070
Turkish 080
Chinese 090
Greek 0100

Important Notes for the Demo application

With each of these passwords, you are “entering” a separate, virtual restaurant. Please note that not all of those restaurants do have a native menu card and tables preconfigured that you can use to experiment with. Currently, only the English, German and French demo restaurants have a menu card with native food items and have the Hotel feature preconfigured. All other restaurants are “empty”. If you are a freelancer and want to help us extend the demo, please contact us.

Browser support: SALOR Hospitality is software that depends on the “abilities” of the browser that is accessing it. Some browsers are not supported. Please review the following table to find out about browser support. The only browser that is used by all our clients and that has been thoroughly tested is Safari, Google Chrome and Chromium. If you see a feature that does not work, please do not assume that SALOR Hospitality is “not working” but install Google Chrome.

Browser Support Status
Google Chrome fully supported and tested
Chromium fully supported and tested
Safari fully supported and tested
Firefox no support for hotel features, not tested
Internet Explorer not supported
Opera not supported

Please also note that the database of the Demo application is reset every day, which means that any data that you enter will be visible to everyone only until the next reset.